I want to be heard
want to be seen
no longer walk down blind alleys alone
fearing that my fears will accost me

Can see myself a long hair
can see myself a body
hips hustling money

For Life!
and nothing but that

Can see myself with a palm
covering my mouth
lips unable to bubble
tongue pressed down by a baton
so as not to stir up any (more)
trouble since that’s

and nothing but that

That’s what I feel
that’s what I have seen

Oh, Lord
just let me walk down the middle aisle
that road of reds, blacks, browns, colors
of new morning soft down
through billowing sheets
while a thousand hands reach out to me.

Jeremy Nathan Marks

An extraordinary interview

Dr. Cone expresses one of the most important -and I think profound- interpretations of American history. His discussion of the connection between the cross and the lynching tree is deeply eloquent and offers a skeleton key to examining the fraught history of American race relations and injustices. But his discussion of innocence, of the American desire to see the country as innocent is truly enlightening.



If I am going to unstopper my tongue
must I ask someone

For license

Does the taste of honey
in truth
call inevitable
upon the heated coal

So that ash is the real gold?

Now I ask
is it that temptation to speak
or that hand that makes meek
pulling bright lights down

For there are two things
and the eye

Looking for the line of the lie.

Jeremy Nathan Marks


-for my mother (Janeane Marks)

Mother, I have been belled by love
but Mother, how I believe

Mother, I have been reformed within
a chord
and Mother, I have been the fine grains
of my own heart’s hair piqued
plucked unto a corrade

My heart is wrung, mother
a carillon
calling out to you

And if others come
let them come.

Jeremy Nathan Marks