Garden Party

Garden Party

There is a garden party happening in
my yard

A small affair populated only by

I present myself as four different men
but I also am the fifth one: the observer

The first man wears overalls and has dirt
beneath his fingernails

The second man is in a suit and looks oddly
comfortable considering it is a suit he is wearing

The third man is in shorts, has a cup of coffee
in one hand and a book in the other

But the fourth man, he is hard to pin down
I cannot get a fix on him

He is a flurry of activity and moves so quickly
he actually is only a blur

I think I see him bend down on one knee and
carry on a conversation with someone unseen

It could be a child –his arm goes around what
seems to me to be the shoulders of an invisible

Then just as soon as I blink, he is gone having
passed through the back gate unnoticed by everyone

I am too busy with my tasks except I watch and see
that I am not my tasks

So when a male cardinal lands on the fence and stands
beside the open gate I do not express the surprise of my
other selves

Looking up from what they do.

-Jeremy Nathan Marks

Always there

Always there

It snowed last night and now there are
white daffodils and gravestones and
children’s toys scattered in the

I have been asked if I will ever know
happiness. Why? Because there is
agony on my tongue like a hard

It forms a lump in my throat and I
try and swallow in one frightful
moment –but it passes and I

Carefully, knowledgeably but
probably more slowly.

-Jeremy Nathan Marks

April Snow and Some School Bus Poems

Jeremy Nathan Marks:

My friend David is a marvelous poet and I find his public readings very inspiring. I would love to follow his example.

Originally posted on The Dad Poet:

English: Picture of a Flip Mino HD video camera.

Should I add a donate button so I can upgrade my equipment?

Actually, I think we escaped this year with barely a flurry. Wait. I may be speaking too soon, the forecast I’m looking at on my tablet has rain with a low of 28° F this Tuesday and a slight chance of a flurry. And that’s despite a ridiculous summer preview today with a high just over 80. Sigh. I am hoping the rest of the month is just spring. I need some spring, and I have no desire to skip ahead to summer already. Let’s not wish my time away prematurely, alright?

So I mentioned before that last Sunday I was the guest poet at a local historical spot called The Joseph Priestley Memorial Chapel. They do a secular service of music and poetry on the first Sunday of each month and I was lucky enough to be…

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Your secret

Your secret

When I go out walking
I want to let it rain

No umbrella will contain

No wind will blow my absent
umbrella away

I want simply to come home
with petals pasted

To my face –one covering
each eye

And then in the foyer say
to my wife:

At last I have learned your

-Jeremy Nathan Marks